Thursday, February 4, 2010


A couple nights ago Zoe woke up around 2am, for no reason that we could figure. She didn't seem to be afraid, like she'd had a bad dream, it was more like she was livid! It went on for a good 45 minutes before she settled down. Truly, it scared both Brett and me. She was interacting with us - she would respond to our questions, so we didn't think it was night terrors. I kept trying to tell her to "use words" so we could help her. After she finally started to calm down - into the sup-supping phase - the gaspy breaths, etc... she said "I don't wanna use the words!" Oh boy. Last night was slightly better, the tantrum came around 11:45 and lasted about half an hour. This one was over a particular train, that she wanted, that was in the basement, that I most definitely was not going to get for her! She got over it. I think Brett & I have both had enough that we're willing to take a few rough nights to get through this on the other side.

This morning we were watching one of the kiddie shows on PBS. The characters announce themselves then say "What's your name?" Usually D & Z ignore this but this morning David announced, "My daddy calls me David!" Alll righty then!

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