Wednesday, January 27, 2010

David's sick, Zoe likes to sing

David woke up sick exactly a week after Zoe was sick. He yelled for me from bed - which isn't unusual - and most times I ignore him and hope he will get over whatever toy he dropped and go back to sleep. This time he kept on, and on.. finally he said "Mommy!! YOU WAKE UP!!!" Turns out he was most upset that he got puke on his socks and he wanted that fixed right away. Poor kid spent the rest of the night (a couple hours was all that was left) in the recliner and then spent the day with Daddy, who by the way, was also sick. David slept 3 1/2 hours in the afternoon and was good as new when he woke up. He was so naughty! He was pushing Zoe's buttons all night long and again this morning. A half hour before bed last night he took one of her favorite trains that she always wants to take to bed. She didn't notice at the time, but he had taken it and tucked it into his own bed so she couldn't have it at bedtime! Rotten!!

Brett's still recovering by the way, but he's on the up.

Zoe's been singing songs lately. She knows Ring Around the Rosie of course. The latest are "happy capyer hands" (If you're happy and you know it clap your hands); and Itsy Bitsy Spider - I have to start and she fills in "out came sun dy-up-all rain itsy bitsy spider again." When we drive by the bus barn every night - the Wheels on the Bus. We go through the wheels, wipers, mommies, babies and daddies. Do you know what the daddies on the bus say? Well I didn't either when David asked me a few weeks ago so I made it up. The daddies say "that's my pop!" Because poor Daddy has to say that a lot. And they still remember. Cracks me up every time.

David was being especially huggy with Zoe tonight and she was getting fed up - she said "David get off!"

She also put herself in timeout. I wonder if it's to get some peace and quiet from that brother of hers. Or maybe she's jealous because he's usually the one who's there? Anyway David didn't like it and he kept going over and yelling in her face "YOU GET OUTTA TIMEOUT!"

We're still doing the "Mommy. What? Nothin." joke. They both get it now and it's so silly. Zoe just says "Nuffin." David plays along and says "Daddy! Mommy got me again!"

Grandpa Paul left his coffee cup here and David was the first to notice. "Uh oh, Grandpa forgeths his coffee!" Zoe saw it later, "Gappa's coffee, oh no!" I think they're looking forward to taking it back to him.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zoe - Collector & Articulate low-talker

Articulate low-talker... is this an oxymoron? We thought Zoe would never get around to walking. Then we thought she'd never get around to talking. Now she does both just fine, of course. Just because David does things first does not mean she can't do them better! She's become quite the chatty Cathy. One of our favorite things is to listen to her stream-of-consciousness babbles when she is snuggling in our bed sometimes. She is a classic low-talker though. If you're not listening she may insult you, ask for cookies and recite the ABC's without you even knowing it. Sometimes she'll remember a little joke or a song from weeks ago, and we never knew she was listening in the first place.

She definitely likes her "stuff." She gathers up so much to take to Grandma's house that even she calls it just "stuff." We have Elmos and bunnies to take with us, although they've become second fiddle lately to trains. The girl needs a purse, but she probably wouldn't go for that because she can't see everything.

This afternoon we had lunch with my folks & Harold. There was a roomy spot near our table. When we let D & Z down they usually go for Papa and Grandma. Today they grabbed hands and did Ring Around the Rosie, with Zoe singing the lead. So funny!

Zoe also knows exactly what she likes. She looooooves pancakes. Lately on Sundays Brett will go to McDonald's and get each of the kiddos a McGriddle. Zoe inhales both her little pancakes and starts eyeing David's. Tammy (our sitter) says on pancake day she can count on Zoe eating at least 2 pancakes and maybe a 3rd. She usually won't open her mouth for something she doesn't want, but if we're lucky enough to get a bite in and she doesn't like it, she will somehow use her teeth to slide it off her tongue. She tends to make you feel like she was definitely above that crap you just tried to give her.

She is exactly how I remember her Aunt Bridgit when we were growing up. :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

David - Lover & Funny Man; Mommy makes magic

So the last few days my boy has been cracking me up and melting my heart. In between the naughty stuff, of course. The other night after Zoe was just feeling better he wanted to say good night to her but she was already in bed. Sometimes they'll kiss kiss if they're both still out of bed. He reached in through her crib and patted her cheek. So sweet!

Friday night when we got home they were both adamant about going downstairs to play trains. I told them that's fine, you can leave your shoes on or take them off, but you have to take coats off to go downstairs. David whipped his off & hung it up. He said, "I gonna help Zoe." I asked how he was going to help? He said, "I take her coat off." And he did. She was busy with the trains in her hand so she didn't make it easy. She sat on the floor and very patiently let David unzip her coat and wrestle it off of her. I suspect this helpful thing was more to get her to move it so they could go play, but it was sweet, nonetheless.

Aunt Bridgit & the cousins were here for a while this morning. Aunt Bridgit started this: She'd say "Hey David!" He'd say "What?" She'd say "Nothin'." He'd say "oh." It took oh, I don't know, a dozen times(!) and he finally got that it was a joke. Then he caught on... "Hey David!" "NOTHIN!" Hahahahahahahaha... and hilarity ensued. He even tried it out on Daddy tonight.

I think it's partly those gappy Dave Letterman teeth that make his laugh so cute.

And I think it's awesome that my kids think I have magic powers. I mixed up one of those drink packets in a bottle of water and they both thought I made pop. I wish!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Zoe's sick

Last night both the kiddos woke up fussing; we put them both back down & hoped they would cry it out and settle down. Zoe coughed and it sounded kind of weird - so I went to check, and she was puking. Poor girl! She seemed like she was done, so we cleaned her up and she went to snuggle with daddy while I stripped her bed, etc. She laid in bed with us for a while, chatting and talking, seemingly fine. I got up again to go in the bathroom for something & she followed me - and threw up again. She said "Oh dear, oh dear!" It was so sweet and broke my heart! I sat her on her step stool in the bathroom so I could clean things up again and she said "Zoe's in timeout." Break a mommy's heart again Zoe! I assured her that she wasn't in timeout, we were just cleaning her up.

So after that Zoe and I spent the night in the recliner, with a stack of towels on one side and a laundry basket on the other. (Garbage in, garbage out!) I was able to burn a personal day today so I could stay home with her. Of course Brett's folks would have watched her but I thought this kind of sick was too much for them. We spent most of the day snuggling in the chair, or sometimes she would lounge on her Hawkeye blanket on the floor. We had to watch the "Zoe Show" ALL DAY. (More on that later) She ate 1 bite of toast and lost that around mid-morning. She refused the Pedialyte that Brett got up early to pick up at Walgreens. She kept crying for milk - of all things! That just sounded terrible to me, milk is the last thing I want when I'm sick. Finally I gave up because she wasn't drinking anything else, and she sucked down an entire 9 oz cup of milk. Guess what, it stayed there - whew! Tonight she seems to be running a low-grade temp. I'm not sure if that's better or worse? Anyway she is in bed now and seems to be asleep. Here's hoping for a full night's rest at the Hansels!

P.S. "The Zoe Show" is our home movie collection. I called them "The David & Zoe Show" the first time I put one in and Zoe has shortened it to her favorite character - herself! We watched the different videos for hours today. At some point this afternoon I would have been happier to watch C-Span.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haircuts & pancakes

I took Zoe for her 2nd haircut Friday night. She was absolutely horrible for her first haircut, and I wasn't looking forward to this one. Fortunately we were the only people at Cost Cutters on a Friday night... I warned the nice young 20-something that this was not going to be pleasant. Zoe sat on my lap - and what do you know, she barely uttered a peep. She made a lot of those "I am gorgeous, aren't I?" faces at herself in the mirror, and it was over just like that. We had to run to Walgreens so I bought her some "twizzers" (red licorice) for a treat since she was so good.

Saturday night Brett & I wanted to get out of the house so we went to IHOP for supper. We have been taking our own booster seats for a couple of months now, whenever we go out to eat. It helps so much! The restaurant boosters are so wobbly, and they don't want to stay in them. When we bring their own, they are willing to get in, they're sturdy, and they stay put. (The kids & the seats!)

We had our fingers crossed for a while there, but the kiddos actually did really well. Zoe ate her body weight in eggs and pancakes, as long as there was plenty of ketchup on the eggs and syrup on the pancakes. David informed us he wanted noodles, so I hoped he knew what he meant and got him plain old mac & cheese. He did, and he ate a huge bowl.

The waitress and the manager both complimented us on our "quiet kids" when we left - whew! I have to admit, I soo love it when someone tells us our kids were good. Of course they didn't know how tenuous that quiet was, but I'll take our little victories wherever we can get them.

Just put the kiddos down a while ago. David took his "train book" to bed with him - the flyer from one of the trains. He was trying to identify one of the trains from his bed, and he kept yelling for me to come find it. Of course I didn't, and he got annoyed: "Mommaayyyy!! Talk ta me!!" over and over again. He didn't last long though, I don't think they took very good naps today.

I'm off to read... I borrowed the Little House books from my MIL.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pizza, Rosie, and Hank

A friend stopped by tonight. The doorbell rang and Zoe said "PIZZA!" This is not the first time... every time someone actually rings the bell they are disappointed when it's not the pizza guy. Way to go, super mom!

I checked with Grandma Barb about the whole Elmo story the other night. Turns out it was a new book, and completely true up until the Grandma's basement part!

Brett bought the kiddos a new train last night - Hank. He's cool. Zoe calls him "Bank." The 4 of us were all downstairs tonight, and as David walked by Brett zooming Hank around the track, he said "Thank you for Hank, Daddy." Awww!

Zoe has been announcing "I say pease and tenk you!" Which is true, they are both very good about that. She also is singing a lot - including her version of Ring Around the Rosie. - it's pretty clear, except for that "asses asses" line.

She woke up in the middle of the night a couple nights ago... got her settled down and tucked back in; I went potty & got a drink and went back in to check on her. Thought she was asleep, I covered her up, and she said in her little voice "I don't waaaaant it!" and tossed her blanket off. Very bossy for a sleepy 2-year-old!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tacos and grilled cheese

We have the most interesting conversations on the way home. Usually they consist of a lot of chatter in the back seat and me trying to figure out what in the world is going on. Yesterday there was a big story about Elmo. He had a blanket but it went in a tree, and then it fell on the ground and it was dirty. Big Bird washed it for him at Grandma's house, and Big Bird had to go to the basement because that's where the washer is. Huh. All righty then!

Tonight was about what to have for supper. I threw out a couple suggestions. I repeated back to David, as I often do, "You want hot dogs and grilled cheese? We don't have any hot dogs." "No Mommy, I say TACOS and grilled cheese." I swear those two roll their eyes at the back of my head.

Bath night tonight. Zoe actually made it through washing hair without any tears. Of course I praised the heck out of her for that, and she said "Zoe's brave! I swimmin." Swimmin' consists of laying on one's tummy in the water. We discussed haircuts a couple nights ago, and as I was combing Zoe's hair after bath, she said "We need a haircut."

It's now about 10 pm, Brett's gone to bed, I'm headed that way, and the two shorties are quieter but still awake, and still talking to each other. Their latest thing in the mornings is to bang their heads on the wall and laugh at each other. "We bonk, Mommy!" In our bedroom it sounds like there are about 6 Santas on the roof. Hope we're not doing any real damage there.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New trains and jeeeeeemies

Last night David & I went to Toys R Us to get some new trains. Zoe was already in her Dora jammies so she stayed home with Daddy. We picked out a train for each of them, Percy for David and Emily for Zoe.

We told the checkout lady we definitely wouldn't need a bag. David carried both trains out to the car - and no, he didn't want to be carried, thank you very much.

We took off in the cold dark car and he said from the back seat, "Thank you, Mommy." Awww! A no-prompt thank you, it melts a mommy's heart. Then we discussed the new trains some more, this one Zoe's, this one David's, etc... and a little silence... then "This is good." So cute.

Once we got home the sweetness was over though, they both fought til bedtime over the new trains and who should have them.

Miss Zoe the Low-Talker had Emily in her firm grasp and I kept trying to get her to let David have a turn. Finally I heard her: "You find something else." When that girl is a teenager... yikes.

Zoe is in love with her Dora jeemies. She is so much like me - the minute we walk in the door she wants her PJ's on. Every time we go to change her diaper there's a discussion about putting on her jammies. Good thing she's cute. And that we have 3 pair.

First post

So. A friend suggested the other day I should start the "D & Z Chronicles" based on my Facebook updates about the kiddos. Then my niece Nicole started a blog. Then it dawned on my that all the cute stuff I post about the kids on Facebook doesn't stay there forever. The idea of them actually having a baby book with things written in it is just... well... not going to happen, so perhaps a virtual baby book might be more feasible.